why wait?


The intention of the workshop is not to produce implementable designs for situations of urban waiting. Instead we prefer to make speculative and exploratory design scenarios that might act as future inspiration or critique for us as urban technology designers.

By focusing on the experience of waiting we hope to extend designers thinking of urban lifestyles beyond current categorisations of space and activities. Our goal is to bring together a group of people around a common interest to support further investigation and collaboration on the topic.

Plan of Activities
The workshop will take place over one and a half days. Attendees will gather on Thursday afternoon for an initial discussion on waiting and the process of design through making.

Participants will divide into three groups and head out into the city to explore, experience and observe waiting in the wild. Groups will investigate places and emotions that might be encountered while waiting. They will be asked to create, gather, collate, record or otherwise make tangible, the ideas generated by these concepts.

Coming back together on Friday morning the groups will discuss their findings from the day before. In our groups we will assemble designs, critiques, models or other forms of commentaries on the relationship between technology and the experience of waiting.

These visual speculations will form the tangible outcome of the workshop and will be integrated into an archival website outlining the main threads of discussion during the two days.


Picture via riledguy.com