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why wait?


Date: 27 / 28 July 2006
Location: Bartlett School of Architecture

This workshop will explore the experience of waiting and consider how waiting is shaped by cultural practices, values, and attitudes. Designers, architects, artists, computer and social scientists are invited to undertake an active investigation into how technology can enrich or subvert the experience of waiting.

Waiting is part of everyday life in urban environments. We wait at the bus stop, we wait to see the doctor, we wait in a queue at the ATM, we wait for the concert to begin... Technology often tries to eliminate the act of waiting but do we lose something by this? Why are speed and efficiency valued more than waiting?

The workshop will explore the many different experiences of waiting in an urban environment, in this case, central London. Through observation and engagement with places in which people are waiting we aim to discover how cultural practices and personal experience might inform the design of future technologies.

Submissions should be sent to by the 7th July.
Acceptance notification is 14th July.

Arianna Bassoli ( The London School of Economics )
Johanna Brewer ( University of California, Irvine )
Karen Martin ( Bartlett School of Graduate Studies )

Thanks to Rogerio de Paula for helping develop the original concept for this workshop.

The workshop is supported by: MSc Adaptive Architecture and Computation, Bartlett School of Architecture.

Karen Martin is supported by EPSRC and BT. Arianna Bassoli would like to acknowledge the support of the EU funded Bionets project and HP Labs Bristol.

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