hybrid design practices :: ubicomp 09


Up to 30 participants who are interested in, have employed, or might consider employing, hybrid design practices in their own work will be selected.

Participants are asked to submit a two-page position paper which expounds on examples of the hybrid design practice which they employ in their own research or work, details why their current research might benefit from this approach, or proposes a brief exercise, focused on the exploration of leisure activities in Disney properties (specifically those areas open to the public, rather than those for which admission must be paid), which other participants could undertake in order to experience a new form of hybrid practice.

Send to Silvia Lindtner <lindtner[at]ics.uci.edu> by 25th June 2009.
Acceptance Notification is 20th July 2009
Final Manuscript Due: 1st August 2009

Ubicomp will publish all workshop papers in a proceedings supplement. The supplement will not be included in the ACM digital library. Copyright of the published papers will remain with the authors.
Final manuscripts are required to be formatted according to the workshop paper template.

Any accepted workshop paper must be matched by at least one full time conference registration. Additionally, a workshop registration fee of $150 will be required to attend the Workshops Program on Sept 30, 2009.
Workshop registration will be handled by Ubicomp central registration page.