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Approximately 15 participants will engage with the transitional spaces of Orange County, CA.

Researchers and practitioners are invited to describe their thoughts (within the limits of 1 page) on transitional spaces and their relationship to the design and use of technologies by focusing on one of the themes outlined below. We also welcome images, videos, graphics, animations, or whatever else you feel supports your submission - additionally we welcome the suggestion of other themes not mentioned below.

In order to aid us in preparations for the workshop we would appreciate it if participants would notify us of their interest at their earliest convenience.

Temporal Rhythms
- How do the flows within transitional spaces change over each day? Week? Year?
- How does this differ from the rhythms in other sorts of spaces?
- How do the rhythms of spaces with similar purposes differ?
- What disrupts these rhythms?
- To what extent do these rhythms define a transitional space?

Power, Control and Subversion
- What are considered to be "legitimate" uses of transitional spaces?
- Who decides and enforces those uses?
- How and when do those "rules" change?
- Who subverts the use of the space and how?

Traces of Change
- What physical traces of the different uses of a transitional space can we see?
- Which of these uses have been embraced and legitimized, and how?
- Which of these traces last the longest, and which are erased quickly?
- What determines the duration of these traces?

How Do We All Get Along [or Not]?
- In what ways do the many uses of a transitional space co-exist?
- How do people negotiate among themselves to achieve [or not] this harmony?