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The goal of this workshop is not the production of "practical" or implementable designs for transitional spaces - instead we prefer to generate speculative and exploratory design scenarios that might act as future inspiration or critique for ourselves as urban technology designers.

By addressing the experience of transitional spaces we hope to extend designers' focus beyond the current categorizations of "home," "work" and "third spaces." Not for the purposes of creating a new category, but rather to emphasize the importance, richness and diversity of the environments we encounter in our everyday lives. Our goal is to bring together a group of people who are interested in the topic to engage in further investigation and collaboration.

Plan of Activities
The workshop will take place over the course of one action-packed day.

Participants will be divided into three groups and be sent out into the OC to explore and experience transitional spaces in the wild. Groups will be asked to create, gather, collate, record or otherwise make tangible, the various aspects of transitional spaces which they encounter.

Coming back together in the afternoon the groups will discuss their findings from their adventures and then engage in a session of design through making.

These visual speculations will form the tangible outcome of the workshop and will be integrated into an archival website outlining the main threads of discussion during the day.